Opportunities abound when you become a part of the uvu ama


The AMA is here to help you be successful
Opportunities to Earn Cash

When was the last time you won $8,000 for giving a 12 minute presentation? How about $5,000 for an 8 minute sales pitch? The AMA provides opportunities to not only get your feet wet with experience, but walk away with some serious cash in hand.

Network With Experts

Multiple times each semester, UVU AMA brings in industry professionals in marketing, business development, sales, and other fields to educate you about your future career. We’ll even help you prep your resume to land you a job in the field you love.

We Have AMA-Zing Members

The UVU AMA is truly a unique club. We have been voted the best club on UVU campus 2 years in a row. Join the more than 150 other AMA members, and see what great skills you can learn, friends you can make, and connections can be built.


Learn a little about the UVU AMA leadership.
Ahmed Algofaili
Director of Socials
Ahmed a senior at UVU is currently the director of socials for the UVUAMA. He loves soccer, traveling and learning about new cultures. Ahmed believes that if you understand customers you will be successful in business, and that’s one of the reasons that he majored in Marketing.
Whitney Daniels
VP of Finance
Whitney joined AMA after it was mentioned to her by Professor Bott, and she joined because she wanted to get more marketing experience and be more involved at UVU. Whitney loves marketing because it brings together research, management, and advertising into one job and she loves seeing the results of creating a marketing plan and implementing it. One of Whitney’s favorite hobbies is playing and watching sports. She especially loves the Utah Jazz and loves attending the games in the winter, and one of Whitney’s dreams would be on the sports marketing team for a sports company like Nike.
DJ Densley
VP of Facebook
DJ is a junior at UVU. DJ loves his mother, traveling and playing sports,especially Spikeball (If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing out). The AMA has helped him see how his major can actually help him in the every day business world.
Paige Gardiner
UVU AMA Faculty Advisor
Last year, Paige was awarded faculty of the year by UVU Wolverine Achievement Awards, and she was recognized as educator of the year from UVU Athletics. She teaches Social Media Marketing and Marketing Principles. Her background is in Marketing Strategy. She loves working with students and is always cheering for them.
Andy Gowans
VP of Website
Andy loves the blend of creative and analytical thinking that is involved in marketing. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, being with his family, and watching YouTube videos.
Brecca Hansen
VP of Employer Relations
Brecca’s main focus is to keep the students updated on the jobs that are available. She joined AMA because of the opportunities that it brings and being able to be involved in a group where you get to learn skills that you can use in your marketing careers. Some hobbies she has are gymnastics, music, and shooting with her husband when he is home from his deployment with the army.
Sariah Herrmann
VP of Email Marketing
Sariah joined the AMA to gain more real life experience in marketing and she wanted to be apart of something on campus. She loves both the research that goes into marketing and the creativity. In her free time she enjoys kickboxing, cooking, and fencing.
Katie Pond
VP of Membership Recruitment
Katie joined AMA because her graduation is approaching and she wanted to gain some experience that would help prepare her for the business world outside of college. She had also heard that it was a great way to get involved at UVU and meet many valuable contacts. Marketing fascinates her because it provides a creative outlet in the business field.
Yahndi Reynoso
VP of Photography and Graphic Design
Yahndi joined AMA after being invited multiple times on her marketing classes to join the club. She is pursuing her second bachelors degree in marketing after graduated from the school of arts with a degree in photography. Yandhi has a deep passion for art. She would like to get an MBA when she graduates from marketing and before she returns to her origin place, Mexico. For AMA, she would like to win the Xlear case competition with her awesome team and keep bringing more people to join the AMAzing club she is part of.
Shannon Small
VP of Membership
Understanding people is an art that is needed within any business career. Because of this, Shannon joined AMA because she want more hands-on experience in this field!
Derek Smith
VP of Graphic Design
Derek joined the AMA because he wanted to get involved on campus and be a part of developing a great experience at UVU. He also recognized the networking opportunity. He loves to play golf and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream, and he loves marketing because it’s like people watching that you get paid to do as a career!
Ann Tolman
President of Events
Ann is passionate about marketing and has enjoyed making lifelong friends in the club. She will be graduating in April of 2016 with dual bachelors degrees in marketing and business management.
Jackie Torres
Director of Competitions
Jackie is a senior at UVU. She decided to go into marketing because she believes marketing is a huge influence on the way people live their lives, and she would like to make a difference in the lives of others. She also likes the outdoors, shooting, and loves going swimming.
Hannah Weirich
VP of Photography and Instagram
Hannah always has had a passion for marketing, and has gained her love through various experiences on and off the job. She was a collegiate athlete for two different universities and has developed a strong work ethic. She is thrilled to be apart of such a wonderful club that can really refine the skills she’s learned.
Baylee Wells
President of Administration
Baylee first heard about the AMA last year, and immediately wanted to get involved to increase her knowledge in marketing since that is her major at UVU. She is a senior and plans to graduate in the spring and hopes to get a job at a new and upcoming digital marketing company!
Rob White
President of Communications
Rob, a senior at UVU, the President of Communications for the UVUAMA. He loves to ski, go to professional baseball games and make videos with his GoPro. Rob finds marketing awesome because marketing done right can influence anyone to buy anything. Even a pet rock.
Tanner Young
Director of Social
Tanner is obsessed with The United States of America, and is super bald. He loves marketing and has gained valuable experience and friendships through AMA that will continue into his professional life. He is excited for this next semester and the opportunities that AMA brings!


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