Great Networking

We not only work hard, we make friends. Mingle with other marketing students and also professionals.

AMA-zing Events

Hone your marketing skills with other fun people who share your passion.

Ways to Earn Some Cash

When was the last time you won $8,000 for giving a 12 minute presentation? How about $5,000 for an 8 minute sales pitch? AMA not only provides opportunities for experience, but provides you with the ability to walk away with some cash!

Network With Experts

Everyone knows that most jobs come from whom you know! AMA puts on awesome events that will give you the opportunity to meet your potential employers. Join AMA today let us help you network!

AMA-Zing Members

UVU AMA is truly a unique club. We have been voted the best club on UVU's campus for 2 years in a row. Come and be a part of a marketing association with more than 150 other members, and see what great skills you can learn, friends you can make, and connections can be built. You won't regret it!

We Get to Travel!

AMA gives students the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and the New Orleans, with almost no cost to us! The experience we receive is priceless, and the memories are AMAzing! The Vegas trip is coming in January, so join today!

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