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Utah Valley University American Marketing Association (UVU AMA) is a student leadership organization that incorporates teamwork to teach students marketing skills, promote professional development, and to create a sense of community. In short, we try to teach students about marketing, help them find internships and jobs, and create a professional business environment for students that fosters future marketers. We also have a great time doing it.


Who should join UVU AMA?

While all students at UVU are welcome to join, we usually welcome students in marketing, business management, and communications to join UVU AMA. Usually, students join the club their junior year after completing all of their business matriculation classes.

How do I join UVU AMA?

You can apply HERE. It is an easy 2-step process.

How often does the AMA meet?

The leadership team meets twice a week in a upper-division marketing class called MKTG 459R Marketing Advanced Case Analysis. The general AMA club meets usually twice a month. We usually have a big event like the Xlear Case competition and then we have smaller club events with companies to work on our professional development.

How can I become an AMA leader?

At the end of each semester, we have a link on the UVU AMA website that calls for new AMA leaders. Fill out the form on the link, and we will contact you for an interview to become a UVU AMA leaders.

How does the leadership class work?

Students can take the UVU AMA leadership class and receive upper-division marketing credit. The class is by invitation only and will meet at a regular class time. You will have individual leadership assignments like being in charge of the UVU Marketing Facebook page or overseeing the UVU AMA digital marketing night. The class is a great opportunity to test your marketing skills while working with the best and brightest marketing students at UVU.

I joined UVU AMA. Now what?

Like www.facebook.com/uvumarketing and our other social media channels and start attending events. You will also receive email reminders about events.

How do I contact UVU AMA?

The advisor for UVU AMA is Professor Paige Gardiner and you can email her at paige.gardiner@uvu.edu