Makenzie Middleton
Makenzie MiddletonPresident of Administration
I work with the Administrations team to help the AMA chapter run smoothly. I ensure that club members are connected through email and social media, writing the chapter plan and annual report, and supporting my team with their individual responsibilities.
Kelsi Brydson
Kelsi BrydsonVP of Membership
I oversee membership recruitment and records. I’m in charge of recruiting and tracking members. Scheduling members to visit and announce AMA activities in classrooms. I also assist in writing the chapter plan and final report.
Adam Creager
Adam Creager VP Club Social Causes
I work with the UVU AMA Administration team as the VP of social causes. I help plan and organize service opportunities and philanthropic ventures for the club
Joey Sargent
Joey Sargent VP Marketing Week
My main responsibility is to oversee the planning of marketing week. I also get to work with my team members in other tasks such as writing the UVU AMA Chapter Plan.
Chase Jasperson
Chase JaspersonVP Membership Recruitment
I assist the Administrations team with creating the UVU AMA Chapter Plan, Ebay Case, and other projects headed by our team. I traveled to the AMA competition at The University of Wisconsin Whitewater and competed in the marketing strategy, perfect pitch, and digital marketing strategy competitions.
I work on the Administration Team to oversee the submission of the AMA National Case. I also assisted in writing the UVU AMA Chapter Plan.
Karl Ward
Karl WardVP of Finance and Community
I work with the administrative team, and I attend the monthly ICC meetings to keep the AMA informed about events going on all around campus. I also help with the finances of AMA to make sure we stay on budget and receive additional funding.