Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Team 2017-10-03T18:07:04+00:00
Alex Trujillo
Alex Trujillo President of Digital Marketing
I oversee all digital marketing for UVU AMA. By working with each VP to create, communicate, and update all correspondence for all events and competitions to club members and faculty; via email, social platforms, and print promotion around campus.
Sierra Nelson
Sierra NelsonVP of Digital Promotion
I work with our VP of Graphic Design and I am in charge of creating event poster and flyers. I also create images for social media platforms for events.
Corbin White
Corbin WhiteVP of Website
I maintain and edit the web/graphic design experience to ensure the website is up-to-date, looking fresh, and providing relevant information to current and prospective AMA members.
Tristan Watson
Tristan WatsonVP of Website Graphics
I help in maintaining and editing the UVU AMA website. I help to ensure that AMA members have information about events, registration, competitions, and any other relevant AMA happenings.
Dylen Brammer
Dylen BrammerVP of Social Media - Twitter
Assist the Digital Marketing team in user engagement through Twitter. Post about events, and other tangential topics to build an audience around #uvuAMA #gr8aloneAMAzing2gether
Jeff Pereira
Jeff PereiraVP of Photography and Instagram
In charge of event and club photography posts in the Instagram.
Mitch Howell
Mitch HowellVP of Email Marketing
In charge of email reminders and campaigns for all events, activities and competitions to all marketing majors, club leadership, and faculty.
Lindsey Parris
Lindsey ParrisVP of Video Marketing
I am in charge of Youtube and videos for the Semester and other video assets for the UVU AMA Chapter.
Rachel Morris
Rachel MorrisVP of Digital Media
I help create video assets for the UVU AMA chapter and help with taking photos of all AMA events as well.