Opening Social 2017

Opening Social 2017

by Jordan Stark


The Opening Social at the beginning of the semester is always a good way to kick of a new year. It helps people to know what we do at AMA. Most importantly it builds friendships between the new members of leadership and those who are returning. This year we decided to do a little something different. The UVU Men’s basketball team has had some trouble getting support from the students at their games. Which is pretty surprising following their victory over BYU a few weeks ago. The team has the skill and potential to really go places this year and they need to really build up their brand recognition and following.


        That’s where AMA comes in. Instead of throwing our own little party as we have done many times before we have decided to show our school spirit and support the Wolverines during their home game on the 26th of January.

The hardest part of planning any activity at UVU is navigating through the bureaucratic network of hoops and tape to get any purchase, activity, or request approved. Here is a list of a few things you can do to help you out when working with a large system of administrative compliance:


  1. Become familiar with how the organization functions. The more familiar you become with the system the easier this process will be to replicate in the future.
  2. Know the time constraints necessary to complete the approvals and request well before the time the activity is due. This will speed the process along and avoid problems in the future.
  3. Know how to adapt to changes. Sometimes things need to be changed last minute, if this absolutely can’t be avoided and you have to make some appeal to the administration, be sure to do so in person. Administrations in general, in my experience, are far more likely to be tolerant and make exceptions if you put in the extra effort to plead in person. This shows that whatever change you need to make is significant and the activity is important to you.


Follow these helpful tips and your future activity can be successful as ours was, and it was an awesome experience! UVU AMA came together to support our Wolverines and it was a great time! We got pizza and shared some churros and cheered on our boys! It was good for us to come together and support our team as a team! UVU really has an amazing basketball program this year, and they have really struggled to get people to show up to the games despite their victory over BYU and the close game they lead against the U. I think that because we knew we were supporting the team it really helped us feel the school spirit and get a good turnout. I think it was a great experience, and it really broke up the monotony from our usual opening and closing social format. So don’t be afraid to try something new and innovate!

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