Opening Social – Fall 2017

Opening Social – Fall 2017

The opening social this year was a huge hit. Food was devoured, laughs were shared, and friends were made. For lunch we enjoyed some delicious sandwiches and wraps provided by our very own UVU catering services. To get us geared up for the upcoming semester, Kendra, our events team president went over the activities calendar:

  • Sept. 20: Snow cones in the WB hallway from 10am-noon.
  • Sept. 21: Digital Marketing Night
  • Oct. 10: Xlear Case Competition Kick-Off
  • Oct. 12-15: Whitewater Regional Conference
  • Oct. 19: Strategy Meeting for Xlear Case Competition
  • Nov. 1-4: Florida State University Sales Competition
  • Nov. 10: Xlear Case Competition
  • Nov. 30: AMA Interview Day
  • Dec. 6: Mary Kay National Case
  • Dec. 7: Christmas Party

ama leadership members doing an activity

Later on, everyone got a chance to show off their marketing skills with a game of “Marketers Got Talent.” Teams were given a random object and had to come up with a creative way to market it. Some of the objects included a roll of toilet paper, a kitten calendar, a thesaurus, an inflatable unicorn head, and a nerf gun. With the wealth of creativity amongst the contestants, competition was fierce, but the kitten calendar team came home with the victory for their stirring sales pitch.

While good food and fun is important, the most important reason for the opening social is to get more people involved in the club. WE WANT YOU TO JOIN AMA! This is one of the best opportunities you’ll have here at UVU to improve your resume and network to find a job after you graduate. Don’t let this be a missed opportunity. If you haven’t yet signed up to be a part of UVUAMA, it’s not too late. You can join UVU AMA here or if you have any questions, contact us!

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