The Importance of Differentiation and Creativity While Searching for Jobs

The Importance of Differentiation and Creativity While Searching for Jobs

Something that you might not be aware of is how hard it actually is to get a job. You see, when you go out in the world and start sending your resume application you are competing against hundreds, if not thousands of other applicants.

You chose to go to college to become more qualified. By getting a degree you become more qualified than the average high school graduate. What we don’t realize is that by graduating high school we moved from an extremely saturated competitive field to a slightly less saturated competitive field.

Let me put it in perspective.

In 2008 the average job opening had 32 applicants. In 2012, the average job opening had an average of 77 applicants. That’s not even big name companies. It gets worse. Google receives 2 million applications a year.

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Lets take a look at UVU specifically. For 2016, there were over 2,900 graduates. The Woodbury school of business had 747 graduates. Depending on your degree, you may have a slight advantage over others. Unfortunately, if you graduate in Business Management you have the most competition with 275 graduates in 2016. For the majority of readers you’re looking at about 60 graduates in Marketing. Which isn’t terrible, but keep in mind that’s just one school from one year. You will be competing against multiple schools, different majors, and even different amounts of experience.

In a world of such advanced technology the application process has gotten more difficult. After you submit your resume it’s likely that there are all types of screenings before your resume ever makes it to someone desk. There are programs designed to filter through resumes based on keywords and phrases that the company is looking for. So how do you make it past the first line of defense.

Lukas Yla was on the job hunt and took a creative approach. He posed as a delivery man for Postmates to delivery his resume to businesses. As you could imagine, he made it through the first line of defense. He did even better than that though. He received a total of 10 interviews and a shout out on twitter. Employers liked his creativity. To read the full story checkout this post.

There have been numerous creative stunts to get in front of employers. Some noteworthy stories I’ve heard about are:

  • Candidate contracted a billboard outside of the employer’s office
  • Candidate crafted a unique cover letter to highlight creativity
  • Candidate sent a message in a bottle
  • Candidate asked to be interviewed in Spanish to showcase skills

Check out this Forbes article to see more creative things candidates have done to get a job.

My last advice, is good luck out there. Don’t be afraid to try something creative. Whether it’s a stunt or making a unique resume, just try and stand out from the crowd. Companies will appreciate your effort and creativity. Just don’t be weird.

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