Whitewater Regional AMA Conference

Whitewater Regional AMA Conference

As an AMA chapter, we were invited to participate in a competition in Whitewater, Wisconsin. The long flight was immediately worth it when we stepped off the plane and tasted that first Wisconsin cheese curd. And it only went up from there. We had the opportunity to spend the next day touring the stadium where the Milwaukee Bucks play and hear about the strategy behind the ticket sales and events that are put on in the stadium. Right after, we went to the Kohl’s corporate office and heard about the marketing strategies that they had used in the past and are currently putting into practice to help the company continue to grow past their current 19 Billion dollar status. Wow. That night, we were invited to dinner with faculty from Whitewater and the head of digital marketing for the Green Bay Packers. She was amazing. She talked about her journey to where she was and the dedication that it takes to reach our goals. It was a very fun and inspiring dinner. To finish off the night, we attended a bowling night where all of the competing schools were able to network and get to know each other. It was fun to get to know everybody and spend time as a team as well. Plus, bowling was a bonus, even though Professor Pryzbilla was a clear cut winner. Day 1 was definitely an action and information packed day, and we hadn’t even started the competition yet.

As waking up early seemed to be one of the themes of the trip, we rose early to head to the college and help with registration and getting everything ready for the competition. After a lovely breakfast that was provided by the college, it was straight to work as we continued to practice our pieces for the competition. We had our sales team doing role plays as they prepared for their portion of the competition to start, perfect pitch competitors polishing up their 90 second pitches, the digitial marketing team planning for their case, and the two strategy case teams doing final run-throughs on their presentations. Feeling ready (mostly) for the competition, we were off network with the multiple companies that had come to attend the competition. It was good to be able to hear from a wide variety of companies, such as Sherwin Williams Northwestern Mutual, and Harley Davidson, and what they are looking for in future interns.

After each team had gone through their competition process, the results were in: and UVU did awesome! Out of over 100 participants in the perfect pitch competition, we received the 1st place, 2nd place and two 4th place awards. Our two strategy teams tied for 3rd place out of 17 teams. Our sales team did amazing as well as we took home the 2nd and 3rd place positions. The raffle was also a success as we brought home an iPad, headphones, and a portable mobile charger.

All in all, the Whitewater competition was AMAzing. We learned so much and saw great success.

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